We provide Turnkey Monitoring Solutions in this fields such as ( geotechnical and Structure Health Monitoring Solutions - Water Quality and Hydrology Monitoring Solutions - Vibration and Blasting Monitoring Solutions - Weather Monitoring Solutions - Environmental Pollution, Air Quality and Remediation Solutions - Geophysics, Oceanography Monitoring Solutions ).

We provide Turnkey Land Site Characterization in this fields such as ( geotechnical site investgation - geotechnical drilling - cone penetration testing - near sure geotechnical site investigation - geotechnical & geophysical surveys - deep foundation testing - instrumentation & monitoring - hydrological & hydrogeological surveys ).

These divisions are mainly working in supplying, installing, maintenance and upgrade all engineering testing systems for laboratories and field using. And supplying the Nano and micron metals powders. And, we handle the testing systems consumables and natural gases with very high purity.