Development of King Abdul Aziz Endowment for Two Holy Mosques in Makkah

Stage 1 : Central Podium Systems

Customer Name :

Dar Al-handasah Consultants

Tasks :

  • Vibration Monitoring System for Tower H.

  • Displacement Measuring System Using GPS & Satellite for Tower H.

  • Wind Speed Measurements on Structure for Tower H.

  • Strain & Stress Monitoring System for Tower H using Embedment Vibrating Wire Strain Gauge.

  • Tilting Measuring System for Tower F.

  • Level Measuring System for Tower F.

The King Abdul Aziz Endowment project, which is considered one of the distinctive architectural marks in the 21st century, is the largest concrete project in the world and is implemented by the Saudi Bin Laden Group. Selecting the United Group Company as a company specialized in these systems to do this task The company has implemented the entire phase and the company has been following for four years following the systems after the end of the stage.

Stage 2 : Top Tower Steel Structure

Customer Name :

Abcd (Binladin Group)

Tasks :

  • Strain & Stress Monitoring System for Top Tower Steel Structure using arc –Weldable Vibrating Wire Strain Gauge on the Critical Members.

  • Automatic Data Collection & Logging System.

  • Automatic Data Analysis and on line Monitoring System

  • Automatic Web Monitoring to the results to be available Worldwide and Accessible to the Designer Remotely

The task Executed is Strain & Stress Monitoring System and it is installed in Selected Steel Members by MLP (Mayr Ludescher Partner (Consulting Engineers). In floors Under the Clock’s Floor, Sensors Were installed. Initial Readings and Flow up of the System from the Site and Remotely Were Considered. Remotely on-line Reading and Analysis Report Were Sent to the designer and Owner Every Two Weeks.

Stage 3 : Viewing Deck systems

Customer Name :

Binladin Group

Tasks :

  • Install Two Complete Weather Monitoring Stations to Monitoring the Environmental Parameters From All Sides Of The Tower , And To Monitoring The Wind Speed Effects On The Tower.

  • Installation of two Triaxial Vibration Monitoring Stations.

  • Install two advanced GPS Monitoring Station one above the tower and other Reference Location.

  • Automatic Data Collection & Logging System.

  • Automatic Data Analysis And On Line Monitoring System.

  • Automatic Web Monitoring To The Results To Be AvailableWorldwide And Accessible To The Designer Remotely

The Task Execution Is Monitoring Tower For Detecting The Outside Effects On The Tower Like the Wind Speed And Wind Direction , Triaxial Vibration Monitoring Appear From The Wind Speed Effect Or From The Internal Utilities And From Earth-Quick , and Monitoring The All Structure Displacement In Three We Install The Sensor's , Take Initial Readings And Flow Up The System From The Site And Remotely On-Line And Make The and Analysis Remotely And Send Report To The Designer And Owner Every Two Weeks .

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Saudi Arabia

Installation and Follow up of systems for Task Execution Is Monitoring Tower For Detecting The Outside Effects On The Tower Like the Wind Speed And Wind Direction

Saudi Arabia

Makkah Soil Is Hard Rock. So, they use Blasting to Excavate for Foundation. During the Blasting Process, they need to monitor the Surrounded Building to Monitor Any Settlement


Supply complete monitoring solution for testing and monitoring the piles for strain stress along the piles and structure settlement


The Task Executed is Installing Hydrological Monitoring Systems Full Complete to Monitoring the all Water Level , Water Quality Parameters , Water Speed


Solar Cell: Amorphous Silicon Deposition Anti- Reflection and Anti-Scratch Layers: (Oxides, Nitrides, Oxynitrite, Carbides) Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Semiconductors: Low temperature thin film deposition on the semiconductors