To manage project risks, especially for those which are performed in difficult or challenging areas, United Group has a wealth of specialist resources. A combination of professional capabilities and specialized equipment means that we can readily support projects in areas of seismic activity, or where site access is difficult. We frequently work in climatic extremes, areas of environmental sensitivity or urban or industrial complexity and in challenging conditions (remote, soft, marshy, over-water, hazardous). Whether your work scope includes geological assessments, site exploration, marine surveys or managing geophysical applications, we provide sound solutions.


With proper planning, a well-thought-out exploration program for subsurface characterization can reduce or even eliminate expensive surprises during and after construction. United Group highly regarded expertise is built upon knowing what questions to ask as well as where and how to gather pertinent information. Our extensive fleet of drilling and support equipment enables us to provide a comprehensive range of field services which include:

  • Drilling, coring and sampling of soils and rocks.

  • Cone Penetration Test (CPT).


United Group’s geotechnical site investigation services can help you gain insight into the ground conditions at a site or over a wide area or corridor. This information is typically used to obtain an understanding of the nature and variability of subsurface conditions or to determine specific engineering properties of the soil and rock beneath a site. It is also useful in assessing ground risks and to understand the behavior of the ground in response to planned development activities or natural forces such as seismic shaking. We have conducted geotechnical site investigations for diverse civil works projects in Arabic and African countries, including:

  • Oil & gas facilities on land and offshore

  • Coastal structures and port facilities

  • Pipelines, Bridges, Tunnels , Airports

  • Railways, subways/metros and roads/highways

  • Power generating facilities (conventional, nuclear, wind and hydro)

  • Dams, levees and water retention structures

  • Large buildings and structures

  • Intakes and outlet facilities


United Group site investigation team consists of engineers, geologists and scientists who are supported by advanced technologies and systems. These specialist resources mean that we can readily respond to your challenges, whether they are ordinary or extraordinary. We also draw upon experience, equipment and facilities such as:

  • Local knowledge of soil conditions, construction practices and supplier networks gained from previous projects.

  • Unique drilling capabilities and paralleled experience in soft soils on all types of terrain.

  • Different drilling/CPT equipment and personnel.

  • Certified testing & certified service center.

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