Whether your scope includes a fully integrated site characterization for a major project, or a bespoke ground investigation requiring a highly specialist methodology, we can provide an effective solution. Our expert team has experience of using a wide range of equipment in sectors including construction, energy, infrastructure and mining.


Our comprehensive drilling capability includes:

  • Rotary drilling - conventional & flight auger up to 300 m depth.

  • Rotary coring – wireline up to 150 m.

  • Overburden drilling

  • Measurement while drilling (MWD).

  • Specialist and modular rigs for access to remote and challenging site.

  • Core sampling, logging, digital scanning and photography by technical experts.

Complementary services include a full range of in situ testing including:

  • Instrumentation and monitoring.

  • Dilatometer and pressure meter testing.

  • Extensive range of geotechnical laboratory tests.

  • Standard penetration test.


We have extensive experience in the construction, oil and gas, nuclear, water and mining sectors. Typical applications for our drilling services include:

  • Geotechnical site characterization.

  • Geological and petrophysical studies

  • Environmental and hydrogeological assessments.

  • Mineral resource and ore deposit evaluations.

  • Liquefaction potential assessment.

  • Geotechnical earthquake hazard evaluation.


Safety and environmental practices benchmarked in highly demanding industries, such as oil and gas, and a commitment to consistently delivering the highest industry standards, wherever we work.

  • A presence in more than 10 countries, enabling us to respond to international client needs promptly, economically and with appropriate resources.

  • Expertise in complementary services, including investigation planning, mapping, geophysical surveys, soil and rock sample testing and the provision of integrated ground models encompassing recommendations and specialist advice.

  • Rapid and efficient reporting, formatted to whatever local standards are required, and with options for real time data delivery via innovative tools such as United Group Online

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