Supplying, Installing, Commissioning And Training For Advanced Corrosion Fatigue Testing System

Stage 1 : The S.S.R.T System

Customer Name :

Central Metallurgical Research & Development Institute (Cmrdi)

Tasks :

  • The Slow Strain Rate Testing Systems components include load frames, environmental chambers, controls, and ancillary equipment.

  • These apparatuses permit testing to simulate a broad range of load, temperature, pressure, strain rate and environmental conditions using both mechanical and electrochemical corrosion testing techniques.

  • Load Frames offer accuracy and flexibility in testing the effects of slow strain rate. The CERT's provide up to 10,000 psi (50 KN) load capacity with linear extension rates ranging from 10-5in/sec to 10-8 in/sec

The S.S.R.T System Includs :

  • Stepper Motor with a micro stepping drive.

  • Modular Instrumentation and Distributed I/O.

  • Motion Control Software and Front Panel User Interface.

  • Environmental Chambers.

  • Cortest Fatigue Test Cell.

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