Supplying, Installing, Operating, And Training For Advanced Coating Complete Center Including Design And Installation Of Class 1000 Clean Room (PECVD)

Stage 1 : The work tasks required to maintain the machine and some laboratory systems

Customer Name :

Cairo University-Faculty Of Engineering – Concrete Laboratory

Tasks :

  • Maintenance of the hydraulic circuit to increase its efficiency to give the actual capacity of the machine, which is 500 tons.

  • Developing the machine to work automatically through the computer, while giving results on the computer.

  • Maintenance and development of a hydraulic piston device to work through the computer by adding displacement sensors, measuring loads, installing the data collection unit and making the necessary programs to make The results are shown on the computer.

  • Maintenance of loading sensors and load gauge cells.

  • Maintenance and calibration of unidirectional, two-way and three-way vibrations.

  • Maintenance of water distillation devices and electric ovens for drying samples.

  • Maintenance of strain sensors and different loading cells.

  • Maintenance of electrical supply units, their entrances and exits, controlling loads and changing partitions.

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